Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crystal Magic - Small Stone

Crystal Magic
A moment in morning sunshine
before it moved on its way
plain cream bricks transformed
into a magical display…
For 30 minutes every morning, between 7 am & 7:30, my plain kitchen wall is transformed into a vision of peaceful beauty… the kitchen becomes a wonderland of warmth & tranquil magic… dreamlike shadows dance and enchanted rainbows shine on the walls.
This only happens like this in summer; in winter, due to the altered course of the sun, this kitchen gets only a brief smidgeon of sunlight. So in winter my crystals are transferred to the front window in the lounge room. But the effect is still stunning & soothing.
Whenever I move into a new house I watch the sun carefully to see what window best suits my crystals. My original crystal was bought 22 years ago but I have added many more to the growing collection since then. My grown children know it’s the perfect gift for me!
Peace For All

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Virgin White


On my walk to the shops
a virgin white butterfly
hovered before my face…
beautiful, I thought
all the while wondering
how she kept her white garment clean
when I could not…..
Sharonlee ©